Paid Surveys UK

Paid Surveys UK

Would you like to have your say? Why not let companies know what you think of their products by filling in surveys and also receive incentives.

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Below is a few of the common questions regarding online survey sites. This is just a general guide, before signing up with any survey website please read their FAQ page or if you have any particular questions please contact the company directly.

Q. Why should I do surveys?
A. I suppose the main reason most people do surveys is the monetary incentive but may also be influencing what companies produce and how they market their products.

Q. What do I receive for completing online surveys?
A. Most survey sites offer either points which can be exchanged for discount vouchers for popular high street or Internet stores (including Boots, Amazon, HMV, Argos, etc.), however, we offer cash in the form of a PayPal payment that can be transferred directly into your bank account.

Q. What happens to my personal details when I register with these websites?
A. Each website is different, if you are concerned please read the FAQ on the website before you register or contact the company directly.

Q. What happens to the completed surveys?
A. That depends on the type of survey completed but generally the data is collated and handed to the company who requested the survey, no information that can personally identify you is passed to the company.

Q. Do I have to complete every survey these companies send me?
A. No, you only complete the ones that you want to, you will not get the incentive for surveys you do not complete but you can choose not to complete any particular survey without any consequences.

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