Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online

Besides completing surveys there are other ways to make a little money online. There is obviously eBay and other auction websites but for a lot of people sourcing goods is a problem once they have exhausted the unwanted presents, but eBay is not the only way to make a little extra money online. Below we look at some of other of them…

Sell eBooks – eBooks are very popular and can be found on almost any subject. In case you don’t know an eBook is just a book in electronic for so it can be read on-screen or printed. There are a lot of useless eBooks around but also some excellent ones. Do a search on google for eBooks or “eBooks with master resale rights” which means you can resell the eBook. Also see our links page for some links to eBook sites.

Become An Affiliate – an easy and quick way to earn quick money is to sell other peoples products. This can be anything from eBooks (see above) to major shopping sites such as Amazon, Boots, etc. Do a google search for “affiliate network” and have a look around the sites to find one that lists the websites whose products you are interested in promoting.

Advertise – if you own websites you can advertise for other companies. There is the usual affiliate way (see above) but there are also other ways such as Bucks4Banners which will pay you £5 per month to put a standard sized banner on three pages of your website – there is no limit to the amount of websites you can submit to them and your can choose to receive the payment in Amazon vouchers or direct into your PayPal account.

Cashback Sites – although you have to spend money to earn money, cashback can be an excellent way of earning a percentage back every time you spend money online. Personally I think the best site is Quidco simply because they give you 100% of the cashback but other good sites include Greasypalm, Pigsback, iPoints, rPoints and Linemypocket.

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